MARCH 2015

Hi Nirmala,

Yes we had a great time. I think the highlight was the Gilli Islands. We went snorkelling with turtles which was really great. We also did a cooking class in Ubud which was fun. We got to see a bit of the culture. I think I would stay longer in Gilli if I did it again. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and that you had to relax. We read lots of books, swum and ate which was exactly what we needed.

Lucky we didn't end up staying another day though. I think the 21st or 20th of March is their new years and the following day is a day of silence where nothing is open and no one is to leave their homes. They have a festival which closes all the streets so we had to head down to the airport early to avoid traffic and the whole airport was very busy. It was fine though.

Our only low light would be my partner Sam getting Bali belly but I was lucky enough to avoid that. 

The organization of the trip was flawless. We were both really impressed by the quality of the hotels and how smoothly all our transfers went. It was very stress free. 

Thanks for your help I would highly recommend others to go through Our Asia to plan a trip. We also asked about the prices at the hotels and were very impressed with what we paid for the trip we couldn't have done it cheaper ourselves.