Hi Nirmala

Yes we had a lovely holiday really enjoyed it. Bangkok was really full on trying to fit everything in in 2 days. the temples and palaces were amazing managed to see everything we wanted to see. Don’t think we would go back there again a bit too busy for us, Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri was great though.
Koh Samui was so nice the weather wasn’t that great the first couple of days but after that it was really hot. Koh Samui had everything it had the big shopping malls and the market type shopping as well the prices were so much better in Koh Samui then Bangkok thought it would be the other way around. Bandara Resort & Spa was nice we got upgraded to the other pool villa I think most of the guests did maybe because it was so quiet. Definitely would travel again in the low season as it is was a lot quieter and easy to book in for tours and it wasn’t to busy.
Koh Samui also had all of the animals and it was a lot more relaxed going to see the shows there rather than in Bangkok where we would of had to travel a lot further. Going to the marine park and tiger show would of been one of the highlights and having photos with the baby tigers and the grand palace was so amazing knowing that everything was hand painted and hand made. Would definitely recommend Koh Samui for a holiday destination very relaxing when we weren’t shopping and 10 days was good amount of time for a holiday it was good once we got to Koh Samui as we could settle in there and relax until we came home. 10 days actually felt like a really long holiday.  So yes we both really enjoyed our holiday my partner didn’t really enjoy me dragging him around the shops but apart from that it was great. 

Thanks so much.