Hi Nirmala,

Thanks,  the trip it was marvelous.
It was beyond our expectation and the resorts and hotels were really world class.

The service of the staff were exceptional especially Uma at Ubud, Como Shambalaha and Komea Villa. We would highly recommend Uma at Ubud for the attentiveness of the staff. One disappointment was Komaneka at Bisma, where we have experienced power outage at the particular villa x3 times that night as well as air-conditioner failure.  We had to change room at 11 pm and it was not pretty. So we will not go back to that property again.
The tour guide that we used ( which is Bali Tour that you booked us with for transport ) was exceptional . Made is the name of the guide that really gave us indepth understanding of Bali. We would highly recommend him.
He and his team really made a difference to trip and delivered every time we had asked.

The food at Uma and Como SHambalaha were exceptional too ! Very healthy and tasty.

Jason Chang