Hi Sheree

WOW, what a trip!

Everything loved up to, no exceeded, our expectations thanks. Thailand is an amazing country; friendly people, great food, awesome scenery and inexpensive. Thoughts on the three resorts:

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort - one of the nicest resorts we’ve ever stayed at. The rooms are lovely, with a lot of space. The breakfast buffet is outstanding, so many options. Possibly the highlight / surprise for us was the local village right next door to the resort. It had an awesome authentic vibe to it, with great restaurants / bars / massage places.

Elephant Hills - some wonderful memories... the elephants (highlight of the whole trip for me!), hiking in the jungle to a dark cave, the peace at 6:15am going kayaking by ourselves to see gibbons and other wildlife, the fact you’re totally off grid for 24 hours at Rainbow Forest, a really fun tour group to hang out with. We really appreciated the vegetarian food options here - special meals cooked for lunch and dinner, that were excellent.

Moracea by Khao Lak Resort - the beach front villa for the first stay we did there was lovely - definitely recommend the upgrade to one of these. We had an issue on the last night that the bi-fold door to our deck broke. Within minutes we had about 6-7 Thai guys trying to fix it, including the food and beverage manager! The manager of the whole resort (on his second day on the job!) stopped by to make sure we were ok, and then took us personally to one of the resort bars for a free cocktail.

Better still, when we returned from Elephant Hills, they had upgraded us - to the Private Villa - which was enormous, with a sitting / living room, two bathrooms, and private deck with its own pool. Possibly the nicest accommodation I’ve ever stayed at, and a real treat at the end of the trip!

We don’t really have much to feedback on for improvements. The only thing I thought was, on the second morning of the Elephant Hills experience, they took us to a busy town to look round the shops, and then to a dam / lake which, while perfectly pleasant, was quite busy. Neither of these were mentioned on any itinerary I saw before the trip, and they weren’t really in keeping with the calmness / serenity / escaping it all of the rest of the two days. I would have preferred to have just hung out at camp....

And you have done a fantastic job from first introduction through to this email today! I have really seen the value of a travel agent through this whole experience, particularly one who had experienced what we were wanting to do, and knew about vegetarian options etc. To not worry about anything, to have every transfer organized and lined up and just WORK, lead to a really stress free break.

Hope this is helpful?

I’ve attached a couple of pics of us with the elephants, and copied Heidi in in case she wants to add anything. Happy for you to share any of these comments.

Thanks again, so much.

Ian and Heidi