Hi Nirmala,
Thanks for the follow up. Thailand was fantastic!  Great 2 weeks... would have loved an extra week though! 
The River Kwai & Bangkok was the adventure part (Elephant rides, jungle walks, long boat trips) and Rayavadee was the relaxing part.  Both were great!

We absolutely loved it.  The property is huge with 2 different beaches to choose from.  The pool was huge and in stunning surroundings (Palm trees, beach view, limestone cliffs).  Walk around the property and you meet squirrels, lizards, gibbons and macaques.  The kid loved the monkeys!  One of the beaches at Rayavadee is called Phra Nang Beach... it is one of the most beautiful beaches I've been too!  Rayavadee has a fantastic area with deck chairs under the shade of trees right on the beach.... it also has 2 restaurants next to this beach... one is in a cave grotto!
I highly recommend Rayavadee.  Not cheap though!   Most expensive eating in the area.  We ended up finding a cheaper eat elsewhere...  about a 15 minute walk to the Mangrove restaurant, which was a very authentic Thai eating experience and great value!  

Thanks for organising the holiday.  Very easy and stress free adventure.  The last time I traveled overseas was pre kids and that was backpacking styles... oh how things have changed! 

Best Regards