JUNE 2016

Hi Nirmala 

I have been meaning to get in touch with you since we got back – as usual life has been busy, so I am glad that you emailed!

Firstly, I want to say thank you for putting together such a great trip for us.  We had a really wonderful time and just loved Bali.  It was the perfect destination for us – a little bit of everything.  Gary coped well with the heat and I would be back there in a heartbeat!

We did a few day trips so did not get to see much of the Legian and Seminyak area, but what we did see was great.  The day tours were really good (reasonable priced and as you probably know everyone there is a tour guide and/or taxi driver!) and it was nice to see a bit of the local side of life and how the locals live (some places were obviously very touristy, but worth going to) .

The Swiss-Belinn Legian was ok – nice enough but not sure that I would rush back!

Lombok was wonderful!  We were very impressed with the Qunci Villas hotel and would not hesitate to recommend it. Everything was really great – we could have stayed much longer! The locals aren’t as forthcoming or quite as friendly as the Balanise, but it was a very interesting place.  Again we took a little tour for a few hours to see a bit of the local life but also a spend a good bit of time just lazing at the lovely pools.

(One thing – medical assistance is not easy to get on Lombok (and I believe the Gili Islands are the same) –Gary had a bit of a ‘scare’ one night and they told me it would be hours before a Dr could come.  Fortunately all was well and he was ok and we didn’t need to get the Dr – something to bear in mind if you are sending anyone who may have a medical condition or ‘old folk’ like us lol)

Ubud was great, the Alaya Resort Ubud was also very nice.  They were building, but it didn’t really impact on our stay at all and I am sure that when it is finished it will be really lovely.  It’s position was great –close to most things and we were easily able to walk to a lot of places.

Lara had a really great time too and was definitely glad that she went.  She spent most of the time with her friends.  They went to Nusa Lembogan and then  Gili Trawangan Islands for a few days, back to Seminyak and then she joined us for the last few days in Ubud.  She found some great little places to stay (just looked online when she was there) really cheaply so that was lucky.

We felt very safe walking around, even at night.  We were never out very late and stuck to the main areas  which probably helped! I guess you need to be wary wherever you are, which is just good common sense.

There are still places we would love to go to and things we want to do, so I think we will be going back to Bali again!

Again, thank you for putting this wonderful  holiday together for us.

Best wishes