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Our 2016 Maldives Holiday Deals

Welcome to Our Maldives!

The Maldives are an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.It is located southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the Laccadive Sea. The chain of comprises of 26 atolls with 1192 coral islands, with the capital and largest city being Male. It is one of the worlds most dispersed countries. 


The Maldives are blessed with sunshine for the better part of a year. Similar to tropical countries, the Maldives enjoys a dry and wet season.  Conveniently, the hot and humid weather is complemented with cooling sea breezes and periodic rain.

The dry season or the Northeast Monsoon is from January to March. While the wet season or the Southwest Monsoon Mid-May to November. Amidst the two seasons, there is little or no change in the temperature. This makes every season the best season to visit the Maldives. Likewise packing for a holiday in the Maldives is undemanding due to the uniform weather forecasts.

On average the daily temperature may fluctuate from 31 °C during the day to 23 °C in the night. The highest temperature ever recorded in the Maldives was 36.8 °C. Whereas the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Maldives was 17.2 °C.

When is best to visit?

The dry season is the season for admirers and enthusiasts of the sun. Throughout the dry season you are assured of beautiful and bright sunshine. Accordingly the seas are serene with clear blue skies. There is only sporadic rain during this season. Hence, this is the ultimate season for sunbathing, sunset watching and scuba diving.

The wet season can shower heavy rain to the Maldives. Occasional thunderstorms and strong winds are the norm of this season. Consequently large waves and swells are generated in the ocean. Therefore this is the most favourable occasion for surfers. It’s important to note that there will be sunny interludes. 

Currency and Banking

The national currency of the Maldives is Rufiyaa (MVR). Presently 1 US Dollar is equivalent to MVR 15.42.

Most currencies can be exchanged to Maldivian Rufiyaa through banks and licensed Money Exchangers. Money exchanging services is provided round-the-clock at the arrival terminal in Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE).

Most commonly used International currencies in the Maldives includes; US Dollar, Pound Sterling and Euros. Most of the resort islands accept foreign currency and credit card payments.

Major International Credit Cards like American Express, Visa Card, Master Card and JCB Card can be widely used.


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